Group Class

$62 per person
Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of participants: 3 - 8 
Location: Chosen by the student 

Organised Event

$62 per person
Duration: 2.5 hours
Max participants: 6

Location:  Address will be advertised prior to the workshop commencement date.

Payment is accepted in full via an email link or just before the commencement of the workshop (in person).

Cash/ card options available


Private Class

$70 per person
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 1- 2 
Location: Chosen by the student 

Operating Hours

Intro to Mandala Drawing

Mandala is an Intricate geometric composition created on a base of a circle, it has a deep spiritual meaning in many cultures. Nowadays, Mandala drawing is used as a tool to focus your attention on while participating in this meditative art form. In the workshop, you will learn; how to draw a symmetric mandala based on a grid.  Guided by our tutor you will be able to draw your own beautiful mandala and take it home with you. 

*All equipment will be provided. 

At the end of the workshop participants will take home a finished mandala drawing and a step by step Mandala guide.

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